Tabletop Game Library

BostonFIG has its own Tabletop Game Library, where you can borrow tabletop games to chill out in our free play areas.

Come and browse through our games at the info booth next to the tabletop showcase area in the Stratton Student Center!

Be sure to look in our Guidebook app or ask our volunteers at the info booth to find the free play areas near the Tabletop Showcase Hall.

Thank you to the following publishers for donating games:

  • Days of Wonder
  • Gamewright
  • Greenbrier Games
  • Game Salute
  • Indie Boards and Cards
  • Out of the Box Publishing
  • Rio Grande Games

Selection & Voting Categories

Attendees will vote on games in a number of categories, including:

  • Indie Ideals (Best Game)
  • Design Dazzle (Best Art)
  • Tiny Tesla (Best Innovation)

Boston Festival of Indie Games has assembled an all-star line-up of indie game gurus to curate (among others Rob Daviau and Zac Hill) our game submissions. Finalist entries to the tabletop games showcase will then be open to a public voting process in several categories on the day of the fest. To view our 2012 showcase games, click here. Here are our list of showcased games for 2013:

2013 Lineup Now Selected!!

49By:Mark Corsey
“You have $49 to buy spaces at auction on the game grid. You must be frugal but aggressive, to stretch your cash until the next payoff card is drawn while keeping your opponents from gaining a commanding position on the grid. Claim any four spaces in a row to win.”

BEARDBy:D.J.I.C.Curran, Brian Liberge
Website: Visit now
“BEARD is a Card Game where you are in a race to see who can grow the most epic beard! For 2-6 Players. All genders, races and creeds are welcome.”

Castles of Caragaba
Castles of CaragabaBy:David Wilkinson
Website: Visit now
“A tile-laying board game for families and gamers in which players build their own magical castle competing to make it the largest and most complete. Includes 76 tiles, each with unique and beautiful artwork depicting fantasy-inspired castle walls and towers, and the creatures that live in them. Castle themes include the Wizard’s Ruins, the Gnomes’ Village, and the Fairies’ Tree. For 2-4 players, the Standard game plays in 30 minutes while the Speed variant takes 5-10 minutes.”

ClairvoyanceBy:Chris Baum, Donald Mitchell, Robert Karl
“Clairvoyance is a card game about Psychics throwing antiques at each other in a battle for supremacy. Clairvoyance supports 2-8 players, and takes around 10-15 minutes per player.”

CultusBy:Cindy Raspiller, Jesus Garay, Phillip Schmitte
Website: Visit now
“Cultus is a highly portable, medium complexity, worker placement card game about building your own cult. It is a 2-4 player game that takes 45 minutes to an hour to play.”

Denied The Stars
Denied The StarsBy:Brian Shader, Marc Arbesman, Mike Heil
Website: Visit now
“Denied the Stars is a two player game, where the players are the Captains of massive space-borne capital Ships. Customize the weapons and capabilities of your Ship, changing out guns, reactors, and more. Then unleash hell with your gun batteries, throw thousands of fighters and bombers into the void, fire torpedoes, and board your opponent’s vessel to bring them down from within. “

Dragon's Throne
Dragon's ThroneBy:Bob Kelly
Website: Visit now
“Dragon’s Throne is a lair-building game in pursuit of dominating the Realm. Players invade local lands, challenge new adventurers and loot their Ancient Lore.”

FunemployedBy:Anthony Conta
Website: Visit now
“Funemployed! is a card based party game where everyone’s trying to become employed. Apply for real jobs, like Astronaut, Lawyer or Priest, with unreal qualifications, such as a Dragon, the ability to Speak Panda, or a DeLorean. Build up your resume and get hired for as many jobs as possible!”

HatchBy:Aerjen Tamminga
“Hatch is a game, for 2 to 6 players, where you hatch monsters and lead them to a spectacular death in the arena. Why? Because the crowds will love you! So you buy as much eggs as you can at the auction and put them in your incubator. After a while, you’ll have a menagerie filled with critters ready for bloodshed. If you buy smart, fight dirty and are willing to sacrifice your beloved monsters, you may end up being the most famous monsterlord in history.”

Ice Cubris
Ice CubrisBy:Evan Burchard, Gabriel Warshauer-Baker
“Ice Cubris is a stacking game with actual ice cubes. Think Jenga or Animal-upon-Animal, but with ice! Ice is slippery in the hand but freezes in place if you can keep it still, making it the a great material for a stacking game.”

ImpulseBy: Carl Chudyk, Chris Cieslik
Website: Visit now
“Impulse is a quick 4X space game. Establish control over an unexplored sector of the galaxy before your opponents do by mining, researching, building, and battling!”

Legend of the Cipher
Legend of the CipherBy:Todd Anderson, Seth Brown, Zeen Rachidi, Ben Sanchez
Website: Visit now
“Legend of the Cipher is the first game to fuse rapping and deck-building into a unique and unprecedentedly fun experience. To win, players will be challenged to demonstrate and develop their lyrical skills, and business savvy.”

MasqueradeBy:Michael Bujtas, Elliott Lutton, Deanna Vaida
Website: Visit now
“Masquerade is a 61 card party game set in a masquerade ball where the rules are simple: be the one to kill the King. Each card is a unique character with their own backstory, featuring the whimsical art of Deanna Vaida, and an expanded lore that follows into a 300 page novel. Battle each other or make shallow alliances to be the victor, just swing to kill the King.”

Mead Hall
Mead HallBy:Jeremy Warren
Website: Visit now
“The Meadhall is a bluffing, storytelling game that casts the players as barbarians trying to impress one another with tales of their (possibly fictional) deeds. Recommended for two to five players, this game usually takes fifteen to forty minutes.”

NikaBy:Joshua Raab, Chris Hernandez
Website: Visit now
“You command a Greek city’s hoplite soldiers who must force their way through enemy lines. Your troops can push or rout those who would block their way across the narrow battlefield. Coordinate attacks with your ally to secure victory, but make sure to watch your flanks!”

Ore: The Mining Game
Ore: The Mining GameBy:Jason Lyle Steingisser, Joseph W. McClintock
Website: Visit now
“The Industrial Revolution: an era marked by rapid growth and vigorous competition. In Ore: The Mining Game, you will negotiate and manage multiple contracts, vertically integrate your business with railroads and processing plants, and develop your legacy through charitable endeavors. May the cleverest industrialist win!”

Penny Press
Penny PressBy:Matt Golec, Robert Dijkman-Dulkes
Website: Visit now
“In Penny Press, players capture stories and publish newspapers in a race to become the dominant paper in old New York City.

Penny Press plays 2-5 people in about an hour.”

Pleasant Dreams
Pleasant DreamsBy:Aerjen Tamminga
“Pleasant Dreams is a push-your-luck game where you try to outsmart your friends. In this game you’re a dreamer, deep asleep and you want to prevent your dream from turning into a nightmare!

The game is designed for both solo and competitive, two player, gameplay. Typical games usually last between 5 and 10 minutes.”

Project Aegis
Project AegisBy:Breeze Grigas, Craig Downes, Jesse Clark, Tom Wozencraft
Website: Visit now
“Project AEGIS is a tabletop strategy games about building a team of five awesome combining robots and combating against other people’s teams! Build your squad out of the five classes (Assault, Evasive, Guard, Intel, Support) for an infinite amount of strategies! 2 Players, 20-40 minutes!”
PULP!By:Brian A Liberge
Website: Visit now
“Pulp! is a rules light role playing game designed to facilitate fast, creative play. Players control powerful heroes from the very beginning, with no leveling system, so you always have all your options available to you.

The mechanics are tight and to the point, allowing a player character or monster to easily fit on a sticky note. Once you get playing you’ll have the core system mastered in short order, allowing players to create new character in minutes and GMs to draft new challenges on the fly.”

RootlandsBy:Niels Burger, Jan Burger, Eli Burger
Website: Visit now
“Rootlands is a card and tile game where players represent elemental kingdoms that recruit magic characters, study spells and battle to rule the land. It can be played by 2 -5 players in about 60 minutes.”

Rules of Trade
Rules of TradeBy:Leanne Velednitsky, Mark Velednitsky
Website: Visit now
“In this exciting new game of strategy and negotiations, you transport back to the 18th century in order to be in command of your own trading company. This international business is all about the gold, but watch out for your conniving opponents!”

Stack & Attack
Stack & AttackBy:Jeremy Burnham, Chris Finlayson
Website: Visit now
“Stack and Attack is an innovative deck-building game for families and casual gamers. Each turn players can gather rocks, stack rocks onto their tower, or throw their rocks at another player’s tower. It plays 2-4 and runs 30 minutes in length.”

These French Fries are Terrible Hot Dogs
These French Fries are Terrible Hot DogsBy:Shawn Pierre
Website: Visit now
“A game where you must convince others that your card is the best hot dog, shoe, or other object, even if it means stretching the truth.”

TimekeepersBy:Skull Key Games
Website: Visit now
“In Timekeepers, players take the role of Victorian era time travelers who must cooperate to mend a past that is coming apart at the seams. Be wary, though, for every move you make has the chance to add to the rising chaos that threatens to destroy the timeline forever.”

TymorBy:Rex G. Baker IV
Website: Visit now
“Tymor is a fantasy strategy game with a unique season mechanic that determines the productivity of your territory and your odds of success in combat.”

Zombie Football
Zombie FootballBy:Evan Burleigh, Dan Shurpik, Patrick Weintraub
Website: Visit now
“Zombie Football is a card-based Strategy Game where two players coach teams of nanotech controlled zombie players to score the most points.”

ZpocalypseBy:GreenBrier Games
Website: Visit now
“Zpocalypse is a survival board game set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.”