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Game Jam

The Boston Festival of Indie Games is not hosting a Game Jam during the 2014 festival event. Thanks for your interest.



BostonFIG Game Jam

The BostonFIG Game Jam is a chance for amateur and professional game developers alike to come together and make original games from start to finish in just a handful of hours during the rest of the festival. Participants will pitch ideas, form small teams and collaborate to produce their games from concept to final, playable game and will then present their resulting games to festival-goers during the closing ceremonies.

Participants should bring their own computers and tools for designing and building games. They do not need to come with a game idea. We will provide them with a theme or abstract game concept, then they will brainstorm ideas during the beginning parts of the jam.

Last year’s jam was a huge success! Nearly 25 participants made up six teams and each of the six teams was able 8118008064_5d11355e59_oto create a playable game. Games were then showcased in the main BostonFIG theater for the fest attendees to check out!

Game jams are a great way to meet new people, try out new skills and techniques for making games, stretch your creative muscles, and feel a sense of accomplishment from having completed a game they can show and play with their friends.

Co-sponsors Adobe, Corona Labs, GameSalad, Newgrounds and Skillz are supporting this year’s game jam. The BostonFIG Game Jam starts at 9 am and ends at 7 pm. Teams can register online for free at