Curators & Staff


Caroline Murphy

Co-Producer & Fundraising Chair
Caroline Murphy is a game designer turned businessperson and Developer Evangelist at Kinvey. After spending her college years plus a few in New York City, she moved to Boston for her MBA program at Babson. Since then, she’s worked at some of the most fun and interesting tech startups in the Boston area, including HubSpot, Brass Monkey, and Fire Hose Games. She’s also a proud leader of the Boston Indies game developer group, and a founder/producer of the Boston Festival of Indie Games. In her spare time, when she’s not playing video games/tabletop games/other type of games, she’s singing in her a cappella group Common Sound, learning to brew beer, or tackling whatever new project piques her interest.

Fiona Cherbak

Co-Producer & Marketing Chair
Fiona Cherbak is a games industry marketing, publicity and staffing professional, developing hiring strategies and high-profile marketing campaigns. Fiona has provided recruiting services for Activision, Disney Interactive Group, Electronic Arts, Lucas Arts, NCsoft, Sony Online and THQ. She’s been a regular speaker at GDC’s Game Career Seminar series, plus an advisory board member and speaker at SXSW Screenburn/SXSW Interactive. As a PR consultant, producer and advisory board member, she has supported indie game events IndieCade and Fantastic Arcade. She’s the former chairperson for IGDA Women in Games SIG, and a founding member of Women in Games International. Fiona is currently Director, U.S. Operations for Interactive Selection, a global game recruiting firm based in London, and previously Senior Staffing Specialist for Irrational Games and Senior Talent Acquisition Manager for Tencent Boston.

Dan Silvers

Co-Producer & Design Chair
Dan Silvers is the founder and Resident Game Designer of Lantana Games, having spent the last three years running the company on family and Kickstarter assistance. Dan's current in-development title is Children of Liberty, a stealth platformer about the hours leading up to the start of the American Revolutionary War. Dan is also a proud founder/producer of the Boston Festival of Indie Games. He holds a BFA in Interactive Design and Game Development from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Dan is single and likes suits.

Clara Fernández-Vara

Co-Producer & Curation Chair
Visiting Scholar, The Trope Tank, Comparative Media Studies, MIT.
Clara is a games researcher and developer. Her work focuses on adventure games, focusing on narrative design and environmental storytelling. She teaches videogame theory and game writing at MIT, and was the creative director of the adventure games Rosemary (2009), Symon (2010), and Stranded in Singapore (2011). You can follow her further adventures in her blog, Vagrant Cursor.

Rik Eberhardt

Co-Producer & Programming Co-Chair

As Studio Manager for the MIT Game Lab, Rik Eberhardt spends his days playing Tetris: with people, boxes, tasklists, equipment, money, and time. He is also an instructor in game production, and has managed multiple serious game development projects such as elude, a game about depression produced in the summer of 2010. Rik holds a Bachelor of Arts from the College of William & Mary and is a Certified Scrum Master and PMI Agile Certified Practitioner.

Michael Kanarek

Co-Producer & Programming Co-Chair
Mike “Blue” Kanarek is the newest producer at the Boston Festival of Independent Games. Mike is a veteran of Harmonix and Turbine and is now product manager and head of evangelism for the Brass Monkey game platform. Mike is also founder and director of Be Epic, a non-profit organization that runs various gaming events including LARPs, ARGs and game festivals. Mike is an avid gamer and advocate for independent games of all kinds. He has an MBA from Babson, and does all that he can to help independent developers make sound business decisions while staying true to their vision. Mike is very passionate about animal welfare and conservation and in his limited spare time enjoys running, building things, and dressing up like characters from 19th century science fiction.

Marketing Team

Elicia Basoli

Publicity Manager
A communications consultant for the games and interactive entertainment industry, Elicia has ten years of PR, marketing and events experience under her belt. Born and raised in Massachusetts, she is an avid supporter of the games business in the New England area. Not only is she involved with Boston FIG, but she sits on the steering committee of the MIT Enterprise Forum’s Games Circle and also works with the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute. Elicia has helped to promote numerous games and the people that make them from companies such as Disruptor Beam, Demiurge Studios, Roadhouse Interactive, Turbine / Warner Bros., Disney Interactive Media Group, gamerDNA, Wizards of the Coast and Upper Deck Entertainment. After spending eight years at Boston-based 360 Public Relations, Elicia is now focused on helping independent game studios spread the word about their games.

Caleb Garner

Promotions Manager
Game Producer, Part12 Studios
Caleb is a wearer of many hats, but he ultimately designs and oversees the products developed at Part12 Studios, which does work for hire and internally developed games. He has produced games for many platforms and hardware from web to coin-op to mobile and is pretty good at spinning lots of plates (projects) on sticks. If you ask him what he’s working on be ready to talk about at least three serious projects and a few back burners at any given time. So many ideas, so little time. Other than that, a father of two awesome boys Ashton and Grayson and married to my unbelievably supportive wife, Beth. Supportive in spite of the unbelievably profitable, certain, stable and glamourous life of an indie developer.

Oleg Brodskiy

Video Producer
Oleg Brodskiy is a student at Binghamton University in Vestal, New York. He has been a lifelong gamer, and has recently been taking his first tentative steps into the industry itself. He has been collaborating with a friend on a game, which they hope to talk about more in the future.

Benjamin Cavallari

School Relations Manager
Benjamin is the founder of ARC Academic Relations Consulting, where he works to merge great companies with their academic counterparts on campuses across the country. He has taught alongside the Game Development faculty at Champlain College Game Studio and also has worked with Warner Bros. Games/Turbine Inc. in University Relations and Product Development.

Max Thayer

Social Media Coordinator
As a sorcerer of the Illuminated Roomba, Max practices his craft by conjuring web apps, infusing knowledge into the minds of the aspiring, and crafting games from stardust. Do what you love, and let your works speak for you.

Will Brierly

Fundraising Marketing Mgr.
Will Brierly has been in the publicity and marketing industry for over ten years with his company Snowrunner Productions. Over that time Snowrunner has successfully promoted a wide range of clients from the gaming world as well as international universities, hospitals, Grammy and Emmy-award winning performers and TV shows.

He is also the developer of "Soda Drinker Pro" written about 6 years ago, and re-released Dec 2012 Soda Drinker Pro has reached a massive audience of FPS(First Person Soda) enthusiasts. Will's work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, CNet, Mashable, Kotaku, NPR and numerous national media outlets.

Glenn Palmer

Print Coordinator

Programming Team

Darren Torpey

Game Jam Manager
Darren is an advanced front-end web developer, HTML5 game jammer and a co-organizer for Boston Indies, a community of Boston-area independent game developers. Darren also runs Boston Game Jams, a long-running series of mixed-media game jams. He's a professional web developer and uses his web skills in his spare time to further the craft of HTML5 game jamming and prototyping.

Greg Kinneman

Game Jam Coordinator
Currently a Gameplay Programmer for Stomp Games, Greg made his first finished game, a text RPG for the TI-83+, at the age of 15. Since then he has leveled up his gameplay programming skills at WPI, dual-classed into web development, and worked on new action title Robot Rising at Stomp Games. In his free time, Greg enjoys researching digital game history, programming the Atari 2600, and running obscure role playing games. His current ambition is to explore the boundary between interactive and non-interactive fiction.

Julia Murphy

Art Manager
Julia is currently a graduating senior at Northeastern University, getting her degree in Game Design & Digital Art. A game industry newbie, Julia has held both design and art internships at local game companies such as Stomp Games. In her free time, Julia enjoys highly experimental cooking, playing games, reading comic books and playing more games.

Michael Myers

Music Manager
Michael Myers is a music industry veteran in national non-profit administration, concert production and promotion, audio and video archiving engineering, and volunteer coordination. Before obtaining his MBA from Indiana State University he helped form HeadCount as the Industry Coordinator that registers voters at concerts throughout the US. As an Audio/Video Archiving Supervisor, Michael spent 7 years recording, editing, and archiving ISU concerts. He recently worked for the 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee as a Stage Supervisor and Assistant Music Director for the Oranje Music and Arts Festival in Indianapolis before moving to Boston and joining up with BFIG.

Owen MacIndoe

Digital Curation Coordinator
Owen studies how build better AI sidekicks for games and other applications with MIT's Learning and Intelligent Systems Group. He also occasionally teaches software engineering practices for game development at MIT Game Lab and does his own independent game development in his spare time.

Yenni Bruscoe

Volunteer Manager

Aerjen Tamminga

Tabletop Manager & Curation Coordinator
Aerjen is a Research Fellow at the Harvard Social Psychology department. When he's not using his experiments to figure out how humans work, he plays games and tries to figure out how humans work. He taught a couple of game design courses in the Netherlands and after moving to the US became an active member in the Indie Game Design community. He can often be found at the Board Game Design & Prototype meetup, is working on his own games and just started a resource driven website called supporting game designers to take their ideas out into the world. He believes the world needs more of you!


Alex Shwartz

Alex Schwartz is the Founder and CEO of Boston-based Owlchemy Labs, a mobile-focused game development studio. Creators of the hit iOS, Mac, and PC title 'Snuggle Truck', as well as the hilarious lumberjacking saga 'Jack Lumber', Owlchemy Labs creates innovative downloadable cross-platform games using the Unity game engine. As "Chief Scientist" of the labs, Alex handles a bit of the design, a bit of the tech, a bit of the visual direction, most of the marketing / PR / business, and all of the janitorial duties.
Prior to forming Owlchemy, Alex co-founded the Boston Unity Group and played an active role in the East Coast game development scene, participating in the development of AAA console titles and speaking at various conferences on both technical and business-related topics.

Amanda Cosmos

Amanda has been active in the Boston game development community for the past 5 years. She enjoys mentoring newcomers and works as a QA Lead at Irrational Games.

Andrew Plotkin

Ideosyncretist at Zarfhome Software Consulting
Andrew has been designing games and interactivity since he was nine years old. Over time he has gotten better at it. He now attempts to do it for money. Possibly, over time, he will get better at that too.

Ayse Gursoy

Ayse Gursoy is a master's student in Comparative Media Studies at MIT. As a research assistant in the Imagination, Computation, and Expression Laboratory at MIT, she studies how players negotiate identity representations within games. She is an avid player of indie games, and recently participated in her first Global Game Jam (2013 at MIT).

Brian Moriarty

Professor of Practice, Interactive Media and Game Development, WPI.

Brian Moriarty authored three of the original Infocom text adventures, Wishbringer, Trinity and Beyond Zork. His first graphic adventure, Loom, was published by Lucasfilm Games. He collaborated with Ron Cobb on the design of Loadstar for Rocket Science, and is enigmatically credited with “Additional Additional Story” for Steven Spielberg’s The Dig. He has designed, engineered and/or produced games and toys for numerous publishers including THQ, Ubisoft and Mattel.

Chris Bowen

Chris is a Principal Technical Evangelist with Microsoft, based in the Boston area and specializing in Windows 8 and game development. An architect and developer with over 19 years in the industry, he joined Microsoft after holding senior technical positions at companies including, VistaPrint, and Staples. He is coauthor of two books (with Addison-Wesley and WROX) and holds an M.S. in Computer Science and a B.S. in Management Information Systems, both from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. His website is (

Chris Dahlen

Chris Dahlen was the writer on Klei Entertainment's Mark of the Ninja, and a contributor on Blue Fang Games' Carmen Sandiego for Facebook. He is formerly the editor-in-chief of Kill Screen, and has written for publications including Edge, Paste, Pitchfork, and Variety.

Courtney Stanton

Courtney Stanton is an interactive media and games producer, and very infrequent indie developer. She's the founder of the ever-growing monthly meet-up, Women in Games Boston, as well as No Show Conference, a local conference for game development professionals. In another life, she also co-founded the award-winning performance art and burlesque troupe Bitches of Destiny. She has a degree in project management and lives to get things done. She blogs infrequently at Super Opinionated!

Dave Bisceglia

Dave is the Co-Founder and CEO of The Tap Lab, a Cambridge-based startup that develops social games with a real-world twist. His focus is in game design and business development. The Tap Lab is a graduate of TechStars Boston and winner of MassChallenge. Dave has a passion for entertainment and has experience working in marketing and business development at Walden Media, Universal Pictures (UK), and Warner Music Group.

Dave was the producer for the mobile game TapCity, a real-world game in which players compete and collaborate to claim ownership of their favorite local places. More recently, he has been working as the producer for The Tap Lab's newest game which will be hitting the market soon.

Darius Kazemi

Darius Kazemi makes HTML5 videogames and organizes events and conferences for developers at Bocoup. He’s worked on MMOs, Facebook games, and weirdo indie stuff.

Darren Torpey

Software Engineer, Punchbowl

Darren is a co-organizer for Boston Indies, a community of Boston-area independent game developers. He also runs Boston Game Jams, a long-running series of mixed-media game jams, and the Route 9 Ruby group, a meetup for Ruby programmers. He works as a web programmer and in his spare time uses his web skills in to explore the exciting new world of HTML5-based games and related tools to make game prototyping, jamming, and sharing easier for everyone.

Dean Tate

Dean is a veteran game designer, having worked on multiple industry defining titles. He is currently an independent game developer; before that, he worked at Harmonix Music Systems, where he was Design Lead on Dance Central, the #1 rated game for Kinect. Before that he was a senior member of the design team at Irrational Games, contributing iconic levels and groundbreaking AI work to BioShock, as well as contributing substantial content to other 2K and Irrational titles like BioShock 2, XCOM, and SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate.

Eitan Glinert

Eitan Glinert is the founder of Fire Hose Games, the Boston based game studio behind Slam Bolt Scrappers and Go Home Dinosaurs. He did graduate research at MIT on highly usable and accessible video game interfaces. He is especially impressed that you're reading this, and can't wait to play your game.

Elisabeth Beinke

Elisabeth Beinke is a level designer at Irrational Games, having most recently worked on Bioshock: Infinite. Her prior industry experience includes Turbine and Demiurge Studios as a designer. She also is involved in the community, attending various Boston meetups including Women in Games Boston, Boston Postmortem, and Boston Indies. Recently, she has been volunteering as a #1reasonwhy mentor, giving advice to aspiring designers.

Francois Roughol

An accomplished game developer, Francois Roughol has been a senior designer on several of the most acclaimed AAA game titles in recent years, including Bioshock: Infinite for Irrational Games, Crysis 2 for Crytek, andAssassin’s Creed 2 and Prince of Persia for Ubisoft. His early background in product marketing and advertising established a strong foundation for understanding entertainment consumer interests. As a versatile designer with expertise in multiple game genres, he combines his development skills and market knowledge to craft end-user experiences that are both memorable and profitable. Francois is highly committed to collaborative teamwork, training and industry mentorship, earning a reputation as a dedicated facilitator and advocate for talent development.

Geoff Pitsch

Geoff is an engineer and game designer who is passionate about independent games and their role in driving the creativity of the medium. He has contributed to the Rock Band series as a lead programmer at Harmonix Music Systems and is currently making his own independent game, RITE.

Gillian Smith

Gillian Smith is an assistant professor at Northeastern University, jointly appointed between the Colleges of Computer and Information Science and Arts, Media, and Design. At Northeastern, Gillian is a member of the Playable Innovative Technologies research lab, where her research focuses on computational creativity and procedural content generation. In particular, she studies how to design, develop, and evaluate procedural content generators that can enable new design experiences. She also has research interests in games for education and issues surrounding women in technology and games. Gillian is a co-founder and the Technical Director of Play Crafts, Inc., a company devoted to building tools to help the crafting community design, create, and share their ideas.

Heather Albano

Heather is a writer of interactive fiction, and senior game designer at Choice of Games. Her involvement in the game design community began in 1995, when she joined the live-action roleplaying organization Quest Interactive Productions, first as a participant, later as a writer, director, and sometime member of the Board of Directors. Since 2010, she has worked for Choice of Games, co-authoring Choice of Broadsides, Choice of Zombies, Choice of Romance, and Choice of Intrigues. You can learn more about her various creative projects at

Ian Davis

In 1996, Dr. Davis earned his PhD in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon and set out to work on AI and virtual characters in video games. After working at Activision from 1996 to 1999 as Technical Director, Dr. Davis founded Mad Doc Software, and independent game developer for PCs and gaming consoles. In addition to owning and running the studio, Dr. Davis directed a number of the studio's hit games, including Empire Earth 2, Star Trek Armada II, and Star Trek Legacy. In 2008, after finishing Bully: Scholarship Edition for the Xbox 360, Mad Doc Software was acquired by Rockstar Games. Dr. Davis is currently Studio President and Mad Scientist for Rockstar New England, a Rockstar Games studio, where he has worked on a number of Rockstar hits, including Bully: Scholarship Edition, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3, and the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V.

Ichiro Lambe

Bio: Ichiro is Founder and President of Dejobaan Games, LLC, an independent Boston-area game development studio. He has worked in the industry since 1993, co-founding Worlds Apart Productions (later Sony Online Entertainment Denver) in 1995 and Dejobaan Games in 1999. At Dejobaan, he's led development on the studio's 16 titles, including the award-winning "AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! -- A Reckless Disregard for Gravity" and the now-in-progress "Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby" (no babies harmed), "Monster Loves You!" (it does), and "Drunken Robot Pornography" (the cleanest game on the Internet). Most recently, Metacritic named his 2012 title, AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! (Force = Mass x Acceleration) the #10 top rated iOS title of the year.

Jason Beene

Jason Beene is an art director for digital games and illustrator. He was the Art Director at the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab. Previously, Jason served as Studio Art Director of an internal THQ development group. During those 7 years, Jason was instrumental in the production of numerous Nintendo handheld titles and had the opportunity to work with the likes of Pixar and Nickelodeon. His time at THQ was proudly spent doing everything from pixel pushing to managing/mentoring a talented art staff. Additionally, as an alumni of the Rhode Island School of Design illustration department, Jason aims to offer both industry insight and his own creative talents to help further the efforts of GAMBIT. His artblog can be found at

Jason Begy

Ph.D. candidate, Communication Studies, Concordia University (Montréal)

Jason Begy is currently developing a comparative study of railroad-themed board and video games to investigate how these different media function as historical representations. In his spare time he mostly plays board games, even train-less ones.

Jason Haas

Graduate research assistant, Media Lab / The Education Arcade, MIT.

Jason’s research focuses on the design and efficacy of learning games. Recent research and design has been for a MMORPG for science and math learning, funded by the Gates Foundation. He just finished a book with Eric Klopfer, The More We Know, about NBC News’ educational initiatives in games, social media, and streaming video.

Jason Macintosh

Jason McIntosh is an independent games critic, designer, and researcher. During the previous decade, he produced "The Gameshelf", a public-access TV series examining both tabletop and digital games, and "Jmac's Arcade," a set of video monologues on growing up within the arcade culture of the 1980s. More recently, he's taught a game-studies lab at Northeastern University, published the XYZZY Award-winning work of interactive fiction "The Warbler's Nest", and worked as a game-design consultant for other clients. He continues to write game-criticism essays on The Gameshelf's blog, and produces the occasional episode of the podcast series "Play of the Light", which he co-hosts with Matthew Weise.

Jenna Hoffstein

Jenna is a local game designer who, after a number of years in the industry, has recently founded her own one-woman studio called Monster & Glitch. Jenna focuses on developing games that are beautiful, meaningful, and full of personality.

Jonathon Myers

Jonathon is the Creative Director of Reactive Studios, whose mission is to develop compelling audio games with interactive dramatic scenarios for a reflective, story-based player experience. As a freelance narrative designer and writer, Jonathon planned and implemented narrative launch content for Game of Thrones Ascent, by Disruptor Beam. He was also narrative designer and writer of the successful iOS title Jack Lumber by Owlchemy Labs, published by SEGA in 2012. Prior to that, Jonathon was a full time game writer and narrative consultant for Zynga Boston's Indiana Jones Adventure World, named a top-5 social game of 2011. He is a lifetime member of the IGDA and a member of the WGA Videogame Writer's Caucus.

Maddy Myers

Maddy Myers is a video games critic and geek culture columnist for the Boston Phoenix magazine; she also manages their website. She co-founded the Phoenix's geek blog, Laser Orgy (, for which she is a regular contributor. She won first place in the Social Issues Feature category from the New England Newspaper & Press Association in 2011 for her writing on video games. Her writing has also appeared in Kill Screen magazine and at The Border House blog. She also blogs at her personal website Metroidpolitain (, and she tweets (@samusclone).

Matthew Weise

Narrative designer, Harmonix Music Systems.

Before joining Harmonix, Matthew was Game Design Director for the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab for five years. His writings on narrative game design have appeared in various books, online publications, and can be found regularly on his blog Outside Your Heaven.

Mia Consalvo

Mia is Canada Research Chair in Game Studies and Design at Concordia University in Montreal. She is the author of Cheating: Gaining Advantage of Videogames, and is currently writing a book about Japan's influence on the videogame industry and game culture, and co-editing a volume about sports videogames. Mia served as product owner to develop the social network game Eksa: Isle of the Wisekind with the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, in order to study social interaction in social network games. She has published her written work in Critical Studies in Media Communication, Games & Culture, Game Studies, Convergence, and many other journals. She has presented her research at professional as well as academic conferences including regular presentations at the Game Developers Conference. She is the Past President of the Association of Internet Researchers, and has held positions at MIT, Ohio University, Chubu University in Japan and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Mikael Jakobsson

Mikael Jakobsson is a game researcher conducting studies on the border between game design and game culture. He has studied socialization and self-organization online and offline in MMOs and console clubs, the ways players incorporate award systems in their gaming practices, and is currently working on a couch co-op study. His projects involve collaboration with game industry partners of all sizes, from 200+ person triple-A studios to indie developers. Mikael is a Visiting Associate Professor at Comparative Media Studies, MIT, where he is the Project Manager for a research lab that develops games and interactive fiction, and teaches Introduction to Videogame Theory. He has reviewed games for a major Swedish newspaper for ten years.

Monty Sharma

Monty Sharma is Managing Director of MassDiGI. Prior to joining MassDiGI, Sharma, an respected game industry and technology professional, was co-founder/general manager of Vivox, a voice chat service provider in the games industry with key relationships to EA, Sony, Ubisoft, Nexon, and many others. Before Vivox, he held senior positions at Jamcracker, Novell and MT&T.

Morgan Ockburn

Game Artist/Art Director
Morgan has games and film experience as Art Director, Lead Artist, Senior Artist and Concept Artist, working on game titles such as Resident Evil 5 (cinematics), TRON: Legacy and a $10 mm FPS project for UTV Ignition. He has worked with Hitpoint Studios, Creat Studios, Activision, Warthog Studios and Origin Systems (EA). Morgan has also contributed art direction, illustration, graphic design, web design, digital matte painting and storyboarding for comics and book publishing, film and television.

Nina Huntemann

Nina B. Huntemann, Ph.D. is an associate professor of media studies at Suffolk University. Her research focuses on the intersections of gender, culture and technology, applying feminist theory and cultural production perspectives to the industrial and social practices of digital gaming. She has written and spoken about videogames and militarism, the representation of femininity and masculinity in games, gendered labor in videogame hardware production and promotion, and misogyny in gamer culture. She has co-edited two books: Gaming Globally: Production, Play and Place (Palgrave, 2013) and Joystick Soldiers: The Politics of Play in Military Video Games (Routledge, 2010).

Randall Sanborn

Randall is a proven company leader with 20 years of experience in the game industry as technical and studio leader for several companies in the family friendly games market. During this time Randall has worked with every major publisher, and delivered great gameplay for every major brand including Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, Scholastic, Houghton Mifflin, Mattel, Hasbro and Disney. His experience has helped ship close to 200 products on all platforms including: PC/Mac, mobile, online, handheld, console games and board games. His most recent releases include: Sega All Star Racing Transformed (3DS), Wreck It Ralph (3DS, DS, Wii), Apples to Apples (Xbla, PS3, iOS, Android, WP7, Facebook), Monster High (DS, Wii, x360), Haunted House (x360, Wii, PC), AXEMan (iOS, Android, FB), Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader (Wii, PC, x360, PS3, DS) and hundreds of more products.

Philip Tan

Philip is currently the Creative Director of the MIT Game Lab. He teaches game development courses at the Comparative Media Studies Program in MIT. Before that, he was the Executive Director of the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab for 6 years. He has served as a member of the steering committee of the Singapore chapter of the IGDA. Back in Singapore, he worked closely with game developers to launch industry-wide initiatives and administer content development grants in the Animation & Games Industry Development section of MDA. Before that, he produced and designed PC online games at The Education Arcade.

Robert Ferrari

Robert Ferrari serves as CEO and Founder of Bare Tree Media, a globalproducer and publisher of branded interactive entertainment based in Boston. The company’s mission is to engage fan-based communities through branded entertainment. Bare Tree Media’s digital portfolio consists of well known licensed branded properties such as Hallmark’s Hoops & Yoyo ™, Benton Art’s It’s Happy Bunny™, Sanrio’s Hello Kitty™, Garfield ™, The Three Stooges ™,
Domo ™ and others. The company produces content across various platforms such as online games, mobile apps, social games, and internet enabled console and TV devices. Previously Robert served as VP Global Publishing and Business Development at Sanrio Digital based in Hong Kong. He led the global business strategy, marketing and distribution for online games, mobile apps, social games and console titles based on the Hello Kitty brand. Prior to Sanrio Digital Robert was VP Global Business Development at Turbine based in Westwood MA. Turbine was a leading developer and digital publisher of massively multiplayer online
games based in the Boston MA area. Titles from Turbine included award-winning
online games such as The Lord of the Rings Online™, Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Stormreach™, and Asheron's Call®. Robert offers his services across many organizations in support of the interactive entertainment industry. He serves on the board of MIT New England Game Circle, is an advisor to MassDiGi, MIT Business in Games conference, and Interactive Ontario. He is an active industry speaker having been featured at conferences such as the Game Developers Conference, LOG-in, Engage, LA Games Conference, CES and Digital Hollywood.

Sande Chen

Sande Chen is a writer and game designer whose game credits span over 10 years in the industry. Her writing credits include 1999 Independent Games Festival winner Terminus and the PC RPG of the Year, The Witcher, for which she was nominated for a 2007 Writers Guild Award in Videogame Writing. Her past game credits include 1999 Independent Games Festival winner TERMINUS. She is the co-author of Serious Games: Games That Educate, Train, and Inform and has been a speaker in conferences around the world, including SXSW, GDC, LOGIN, and Serious Games Summit D.C.. In 2006, she was profiled on NextGen's list of the Game Industry's 100 Most Influential Women.

Sarah Elmaleh

Sarah Elmaleh is an actor and voiceover artist living in Brooklyn, NY. She can be seen in local theater and heard on national commercials, though her favorite, fan-dubbed distinction is as "the Sean Bean of Wadjet Eye Games" (for her many appearances, and deaths, in the developer's indie adventure games.) She received critical praise for her performance as Anna in Wadjet Eye's Resonance (2012) - other notable recent and upcoming titles include Skulls of the Shogun and Gone Home (IGF 2013). She is a proud member of the Game Audio Network Guild Voice Actor's Coalition, and her games writing has been featured at such outlets as Kill Screen and Kotaku.

Scott Macmillan

Scott Macmillan is the founder of Boston Indies, and co-founder of the GameLoop game development conference. In his 10+ years making games, he's founded his own indie studio, worked on a multi-million copy selling franchise, and done everything from coding to project management. Just don't ask to see his art. These days, he does his indie development at 5am, before his two children wake up.

Sonny Sidhu

Sonny Sidhu (@Sonny_Sidhu) is a game designer and scholar based in Cambridge, MA. Sonny is a master's student in the Comparative Media Studies program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research focuses on the connections between games' formal properties and their immersive effects, with a particular interest in cognitive processes of subjective transferral and displacement among players. Sonny's CMS master's thesis, "Historical Poetics of the Videogame Setpiece," explores these topics in the context of the commercial market for AAA games. Sonny is a research assistant at MIT's Imagination, Computation, and Expression Lab, and has worked on development, research, and teaching projects in affiliation with the MIT Game Lab, including serving as game designer and producer for the first Game Lab release, 2011's A Slower Speed of Light.

Tara Voelker

Tara is currently the Quality Assurance Lead for Irrational Games, makers of Bioshock Infinite, with previous experience at studios such as Volition, makers of the Saints Row and Red Faction franchises. Tara loves to educate students, developers, and the public on game accessibility. This passion has led her to work that includes being a former staff member of The AbleGamers Foundation, as well as working with Film Victoria to establish grant application procedures featuring game accessibility guidelines while she was Chair of the IGDA Game Accessibility SIG.

Timothy Loew

Timothy Loew is Executive Director of MassDiGI. Prior to starting up and joining MassDiGI, Loew, an experienced administrator, held senior positions in business operations, development and academic planning at Becker College. Before Becker, he worked in financial services and as an independent management consultant to clients in the technology sector. Tim studied US history and Russian language and literature at Tufts University and business administration at UMass Amherst.

Tim Stellmach

Senior game designer, Harmonix Music Systems,
Tim is a 20-year veteran of the videogame industry. From 2001 to 2010 he was a design manager at Vicarious Visions, building its design staff to the point where by 2010 it was one of the larger Activision studios. His career began at Looking Glass Studios, where he was a designer on the critically-acclaimed Ultima Underworld II, Terra Nova, and System Shock, as well as lead designer of the Thief series.

Gabriel Warshauer-Baker

Gabe is the founder of the largest board game prototyping group in the Boston area ( He studied physics at MIT, cofounded a board gaming website with integrated videochat (, and wrangles code for a living. He has a few games in the pipeline, some electronic and some cardboard, and he's working with Aerjen to help game designers move from ideation to published games.

Rob Daviau

Rob Daviau is the founder and president of, a company dedicated to making games and making games better. He established IronWall Games after 14 years
with Hasbro Games, the largest tabletop game company in the world. He has designed
and developed over 80 published games, gaining expertise in how people of all ages
interact with games and game experiences.

He is the designer or co-designer on more Risk games than anyone else, including
Risk 2210AD and Risk Legacy. He also did design work for Betrayal at House on the
Hill, Axis & Allies Pacific, Heroscape, and a number of mass market versions of Clue,
Monopoly, and Trivial Pursuit. He can also be found through

Zac Hill

Zac Hill is the Chief Operating Officer of The Future Project, a New York-based education initiative devoted to giving every student in America the opportunity to put their dreams into action. He was a Lead Game Designer for the card game Magic: The Gathering, a deck design lead for Duels of the Planeswalkers and Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012, and currently holds a Research Affiliate position at the MIT Game Lab. His work has appeared or been featured in The Huffington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Seattle Magazine, and The Believer, and he has held teaching positions at Richard Hugo House and the University of Washington. His debut fiction collection, Stories from the Collective Consciousness, is due to arrive this Fall from Monarch Press.

Yilmaz Kiymaz

Yilmaz Kiymaz is an independent game developer born and currently living in Istanbul, Turkey. After graduating from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Interactive Media and Game Development, he spent a year and a half in the Boston game dev scene and worked on titles such as Snuggle Truck and AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome. He also participated in and later co-organized the Boston Indies developer community events. He's currently actively involved in the Istanbul game dev scene where he gives lectures, mentors fledgling game developers, and organizes Global Game Jam Istanbul.